On this website, I share knowledge that I have gained over the years.
Once you understand the principles behind the techniques, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Henrik Nilsson

I have known Henrik for several years now and I know he has come to realize the importance of balancing his physical training with metaphysical exploration. Henrik has learned that empirical research and introspection are absolute necessities for one to discover what lies beyond the immediate results of physical training. I am happy to have experienced his physical prowess, scholarly pursuit and friendly character.
I hope that everyone will continue to support his ongoing efforts.
I wish you continued success Henrik.

//Malama Pono, Prof. James Muro,
10th Dan California, USA

I have known Henrik Nilsson for a long time and had the pleasure to teach on many of his seminars. Henrik’s passion for the martial arts and to bring together Masters and there various styles is reflected on this site.
I would describe Henrik as a modern day warrior on a mission to spread the art.

//Günter Bauer Soke,
10th Dan, England

Some men dream about;
– becoming a Black Belt
– winning a tournament
– running their own dojo
– running a well-renowned international organisation with thousands of members
– arranging big seminars with hundreds of participants
– arrange a martial arts show with a full packed stadium
– making their own instruction DVD and books
– creating their own fighting style
– becoming a personal trademark
Henrik made it all and much more before reaching the age of 30.
I have seen Henrik teaching Black Belts all over Europe and he is truly an all-round martial artist who is able to control his chi.
Henrik, you are a tribute to the martial arts.
Your friend,

//Grand Master Ali Chehade,
9 th Dan Guinness World Record Holder in Breaking 2004

I am impressed with Nilsson’s ability, teaching method, approach and attitude; he is a true martial arts warrior and a gentleman as well as a very open minded approachable instructor. Nilsson has my full support and I would recommend anyone planning a seminar to consider inviting him to teach his conceptual art of Swedish Combat.
I recommend that after initially have read this book that you refer back to it every so often, as there are lots of valuable information contained within, which is not available in many martial arts publications. This book should be viewed as a reference source as it has numerous points of interest, which is beneficial to all martial artists.

//Neil Hourston Kyoshi, 8 th Dan
Introduced Kempo to Scotland