To Harden the Body

Many martial artists have the goal to harden their shins by several years performing shin kicking against hard objects. These kicks create micro fracture on their shins. When the fractures heal, they form a harder bone on the surface – a stronger defense.

Practitioners who can endure pain are more likely to succeed. Similarly, you can harden your other “weapons”, such as your knuckles, the edge of the hand, fingertips, back of the hand, knees, head, elbows and more. Kung Fu practitioners who wish to harden their fingertips, can achieve this by striking their fingers down into a clay jug filled with beans, for example.

Practitioners who wish to harden their knuckles or back of the hand, can train by blows to stones and so on. In order to endure the pain that occurs during exercise, it’s good to combine impact workout with mental training, focus and breathing techniques. The more pain you can endure the sooner you can advance.